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3 Tips to Start Your Own Press On Nail Business!

Starting a small business isn't easy, but don't be discouraged. You never work a day in your life if you love what you do. Let's say hypothetically, you have all the supplies needed to create and ship press on's and now you do not know where to start.

A Website:

There are many affordable website design apps. and are highly recommended. Or Esty is a great way to go. This is where customers can purchase your unique press on designs. When designing your website, make sure to show your brand identity. Also showcasing what customers will receive when they purchase. Offer sizing kits or a guide. Make the website easy to navigate and understand. But wait, how do you get potential customers to view your site?


Social media is the best way to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Here are some great social media pages to take advantage of.

Facebook Business Page - increased audience reach

Instagram Business Account - shows insights and analytics

Twitter - more likely to retweet and purchase from a brand

Tiktok - very interactive

In your profiles bio, make sure to mention your website link or a Linktree that shows all your other profiles.

Build Customer Loyalty:

When using a site like Instagram, they have amazing tools if you use a Business Account. You will see all types of analytics and insights. Instagram reels allow you to post 60-second videos to help your audience reach as well. Located on your profile you can add highlights so all your information is organized.

That leads me to TikTok.

TikTok has blown up over the past few years. It has done wonders for small businesses. 15 second to 3-minute videos to showcase what your brand sells. 24 hours after you upload a video, TikTok will show you how well your post did.

Here, you can see:

- Where your views are from

- Watch time

- Traffic

- Likes, Comments, Views, Shares

I hope after reading this blog you found it useful and hopefully have everything you need to begin your own Press On Nail business!

Have a beautiful day!

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